Color Consultation

The colors you pick for your surfaces (esp interior walls) provide the backdrop to your personal picture.

With that said, picking colors can be very overwhelming and often paralyzing.  Don’t feel alone if you’ve been agonizing over the same color swatches for weeks. The number #1 most dreaded decorating decision is selecting your paint color.  It feels so permanent, like something you are married to forever (except for me who just rotates every other year the rooms I paint and redo!  ha!).  Magazine pictures make rooms look so perfect and yet with the many things that must be considered in our “reality space” along with literally THOUSANDS of color options to pick from, no wonder its stressful!  (btw, there are thousands of versions of “PERFECT”!).  There is no right or wrong… well maybe in some cases… but mostly the colors we choose are just what best helps to showcase  your preferred style and taste, furniture and accessories!

But I would love to help you relieve some of the stress by helping you pick your perfect colors for the room(s) you are decorating (Or exterior spaces/ surfaces). Based on your style and taste, with the whole picture in mind, I can work with you to build a color package that all other design elements can be layered upon.

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